Monday, September 21, 2009

"Perfect Dress"

“Perfect Dress” Marisa de los Santos

What is it about each underlined word or phrase that appeals to you?
-All suggest beauty
-make me think of celebrities in a way  known to be beautiful
-the adjectives are very feminine

How does the word or phrase relate to the other lines? What does it contribute to the poem’s effect?
“Most elegant neck” relates to other lines because it’s talking about runway models and how they are lone and lanky  showing how they’re so pretty
The phrase “Perfect Evening” relates to the rest of lines in the poem because that’s what this poem is about  finding a dress for the Perfect Evening and being a beautiful person
-These phrases add a touch of feminism to the poem  makes me think of fashion too because of the descriptions: “I reached for polyester satin,/ machine – made lace, petunia – and Easter egg - colored.”
-adds more color to the poem and makes it a little more light hearted instead of concentrating on this girls image problem the entire time

How does the sound of a word you’ve chosen add to the poem’s mood?
The word “sublime” makes the poems mood feel not as down about her looks
-makes the poem seem a little more encouraging because she believes that one day someone will refer to her using this word
-helps to uplift the mood from the beginning of the poem

What would be lost if synonyms were substituted for your favorite words?
I feel that synonyms would take away some of the grace that the feminine words have added to the poem
-the words “Sublime, incandescent, elegant” all help the poem so if they were substituted I feel that the poem would lose its sense of beauty of grace

What sort of diction does the poem use?
This poem uses conversational diction for sure.
“Today in the checkout line, I saw a magazine/ claiming to know…” this is definitely something I would say to one of my own friends

How does diction contribute to the poem’s flavor and meaning?
The diction makes the poem seem a lot more realistic
-makes you think of a lot of teenagers across America
-feel a little more connected to the writer
-gives the poem more flavor in the sense of realistic situations and things that girls actually do say and think to each other

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